Sustainable landscape in eastern Madagascar

2018 - 2025

Pays d'intervention
Elément(s) de l’agroécologie selon la FAO
Key words
  • As part of the implementation of the National Policy on the Fight against Climate Change in Madagascar, the National Office for the Coordination of Climate Change, Conservation International Madagascar and Althelia Ecosphere, through the CI-GCF Project Unit and the European Investment Bank (EIB), have requested support from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for the implementation of the "Sustainable Landscapes in Eastern Madagascar" project.

  • The objectives of this Project are to develop and apply a "Climate Smart Landscape" approach, in order to improve the social and environmental resilience to the climate of smallholder farmers, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions emissions (GHG) from deforestation and to channel private sector finance into climate investments that transform livelihoods and living conditions.

  • Environment and forests:
    • Reduce GHG emissions in Madagascar by 10 million tCO2e over 10 years;
    • Provide access to renewable energy for 448,000 people;
    • Protect 683,452 hectares of natural habitats (mainly primary forests) and associated ecosystem services.

    Rural population:
    • Increase the resilience of 85,700 climate-vulnerable smallholder farmers;
    • Job creation for 28,300 people;
    • Allow one million people to benefit indirectly from the sustainable management of forests and
    agricultural land and its ecosystem services;

    Finance :

    • Direct, through the Investment Fund, the capital of US$ 50.5 million from institutional investors and the private sector window of the Green Climate Fund, towards sustainable agriculture and access to energy;
    • Create a permanent Climate Change Foundation to be capitalized over the life of the project with US$3.2 million in start-up funds, the US$35 million invested by the GCF in the capital of the Investment Fund, taking into account a gradual divestment of the Fund, and part of the profits from the Investment Fund (for an estimated total of US$44.7 million). The Climate Change Foundation would thus continue to fund landscape adaptation and mitigation activities in the future.

  • Project Name
    Environmental and Social Management Plan

    It is proposed as part of the Project "Sustainable Landscapes in Eastern Madagascar"

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