2017 - 2022

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Key words
  • Carried out on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the project is deployed in the regions of Anôsy, Androy and Atsimo-Atsinanana located in the arid south of the country. It is also co-financed by the European Union. Political supervision is provided by the Malagasy Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries. In addition, the Meteorological Institute and the Ministry of Finance are important implementing partners at the national level. At the regional level, the project cooperates in particular with the relevant chambers of commerce and industry, local farmers' associations and private companies.

  • - Agrometeorological and agricultural advisory services

    - Improved structural framework conditions

    - Establishment of insurance against climatic risks.

  • • More than 9,000 households have participated in training on improved production and processing techniques, about 3,600 households have participated in training on agricultural entrepreneurship and 2,350 households are sensitized on climate change.

    • 700 people are protected against drought-related crop losses through weather risk insurance.

    • 2 initiatives aimed at securing the vanilla value chain and improving the chambers of commerce and industry of the 3 regions have been concluded.

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