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Objectifs développement durable
Key words
  • Mobilize and network the women of Madagascar working in the Promotion of Gender, Sustainable Development and Food Security and Encourage the representation and participation of women, particularly those in rural areas, in the actions of sustainable development and Food Safety.

  • - Promote the role and contribution of Women in Sustainable Development and Food Security.

    - Develop and implement projects on sustainable development and food security in Madagascar.

    - Improve the living conditions of women.

    - Promote respect for women's rights.

    - Promote sustainable development and food security while taking into account climate change.

    - Professionalize and ensure the visibility of the platform at national and international level.

    - Prioritize the transfer of skills and technologies at the national level.

  • Result 1: The structuring and mobilization of supervised FOs and members of PNFDDSA will be improved (relative to the overall FFF result “Legal and political frameworks more favorable to FOFAs deriving from more inclusive governance and intersectoral processes are created and developed”).

    Result 2: The business incubation capacities of PNFDDSA members will be strengthened (relating to the overall FFF result “Entrepreneurship and business incubation capacities, access to markets and financial instruments of FFPOs are strengthened ").

    Result 3: The technical capacities in forestry and climate-smart agriculture of PNFDDSA members will be improved (relating to the FFF global result “Mitigation and adaptation measures and resilience to climate change in scale of landscapes through the direct engagement of FFPOs are improved.

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    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

    The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is the specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts towards the eradication of hunger.

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